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You Can’t Expect What You Don’t Inspect

Expect Inspect

It’s a saying I’ve heard for many years now, and while I understand the logic, it recently presented itself to me in a management setting. One of my team members had spoken to me about a test she wanted to do. We had spoken previously about the logistics involved, and how it as a little unclear how we could accomplish it without breaking our application. When she approached me again about the test, I agreed that she should move forward, assuming it would take place in our test environment. It soon became clear that the test was carried out in production, when the boss came to me asking why the site was broken.

It was an easy fix, but came with an unknown amount of irrevocable damage. It is very easy to make assumptions about someone else’s task when you have a thousand tasks of your own going on, but when you’re managing people, this is a mistake. Take the time to check out what they’re doing and you’ll save everyone a lot of grief. You can’t expect what you don’t inspect.

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