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Product Design – Sweat the Details

Being detailed is a helpful attribute when it comes to product design. Detailing each part of a screen will make your specification infinitely easier for your engineer to read. Mockups should always be as precise as possible to what you’d like built. As a colleague is fond of saying, every pixel should mean something; if it’s not working for you, get rid of it.

Let’s play a game. In the two screenshots below, try to find any differences (hint: there are three)…


DetailScreen1     DetailScreen2


  1. The Address 1 and Address 2 textboxes are each a pixel narrower than the other three fields in the column.
  2. The Address 1 and Address 2 labels are two pixels further to the right than the other labels on the screen.
  3. The state abbreviation is a pixel further up in its textbox than any of the other fields.

Did you catch them? If not, don’t worry – it doesn’t mean you’re not detail-oriented. In fact, you could have an above-average eye and still not see the differences. What separates a Product Design Legend, like the late Steve Jobs, from everyone else was his laser attention to detail. He knew that he might have to push back a few releases, but in the end, he would end up with a superior product.

Guys like him were never afraid to sweat the details.


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